The Tee-Time Tacker

I cannot believe this is already the seventh, and final installment of the Typical Tackers series. To be honest, this last Tacker was a little hard to convince at first, but once he learned the tricks and ways of the trade, there was no stopping him.

Hi, sports fans! I’m reluctantly writing and hoping my grammar isn’t too horrible but I’m also counting on Nina to make sure this isn’t published without a proper edit. Writing isn’t really my strength but writing while talking about sports? I think I can make this work.

Let me give you a little background information…

I was practically born with a football in one hand, and a baseball bat in the other. As a young boy, I was a pint sized football star and a perfect pitcher. My dad was a bodybuilder and our garage was setup as a gym. I played college football for a large, Southern university and if you know anything about the South, you know that Saturdays in the fall consist of two things; tailgating and cheering on your favorite football team. While in college, most of my friends were golfers, leading me to develop a pretty good swing. Are you starting to get the picture? I don’t frequently tout my own horn, but I’m really a “Jock of all trades”.

Being such a huge sports fan is no simple task. I’m constantly keeping up with the latest sporting event, making sure I know the ins, the outs, the names of the athletes and what their records are. There’s a season for everything and I don’t believe in taking any time off.

Labor day weekend of last year, my wife (honey, you are the most gorgeous, beautiful, perfect woman in the world!!!) informed me that we had a wedding to attend. A wedding taking place on the first weekend of college football as well as a huge comeback event for Tiger Woods in the PGA. I’m 100% certain the groom did not choose this wedding date. I called one of my buddies, venting about the absurdity of it all, and he told me that as long as I’m connected with my phone, he could Tack the scores of my teams to me AND let me know how Tiger was doing. All I had to do was sneak my smart phone into the church during the wedding ceremony, and I would be good as gold. Bingo! Sure enough, the day of the wedding, Mark was Tacking the Clemson game right to my account while simultaneously Tacking Tiger’s game stats. I could rest easy…and even had it in my to show off my slick moves on the dance floor at the wedding reception.

I’m now using Tack in more ways than I ever thought possible. I have a group of buddies that I play golf with on Sundays and we have been using to plan out our courses for each weekend. We are no longer scrambling on Saturdays to schedule a tee-time. I’m also finding a great way to keep up with all of my teams in one place. It’s completely mobile friendly and it’s not necessary to keep my phone loaded up with individual apps when I can count on to keep it all bundled together for me. 1. Everything else on the web- 0.



I hope you all have enjoyed getting to know my friends! I’ll be back next week with something new. In the meantime, don’t forget, there’s no right or wrong way to Tack Your World.

Nina and The Team

Jul 3

The Techie Tacker

You know our tech- minded friends. The ones who are always working around the process and always dreaming up the next big thing. They’re wired slightly different than the rest of us. Anti-Facebook, anti-Twitter. They say they don’t have time! My friend Will here doesn’t even know what blogging is! Ummm, do we live on the same planet? 

But honestly? What I would give for those brains!

I think Nina just let me hijack her space today on a blog? What is blogging anyways? New age journaling I’m guessing that’s a little less creepy than MySpace but a little more out there. Although, did you see the closeup picture of an eggplant that Nina posted on her blog and then followed it up with all this emotional talk over a shiny, purple vegetable? It gave me a nightmare. I’m not about to pour my feelings out all over this page, or tell you what I ate this past weekend. All I know is that I was asked to share with all of you why is rocking my world.

You see, I spend my 9am-5pm days working in IT and Media Development for a large corporation. I went to college for a degree in Computer Information Systems where you may be surprised to know that I WAS NOT A NERD. I was president of my fraternity, part of the student government on campus and just so happened to have mad skills with computers. Sitting behind a computer screen is my job and when there’s a problem with our systems, you know who they call. 

I’m a lover of all the latest gadgets. I’m constantly finding tips and tricks on smartphones and develop my own apps to make my life easier. I just finished a new game which I’m convinced will be a big hit with iPhone users. One would think I am constantly “connected”, but that is not the case. My face cannot be found on Facebook, I don’t pin what interests me and I never have a reason to be at all a-Twitter. Strange? By today’s standards, yes. But I refuse to be mainstream. 

That was, until, a friend was giving me instructions on how to test out a new site we have been creating together in our spare time. “You know what? Let me just Tack it to you”. 

“Tack it to me!?”, I thought to myself. Now that’s something I never heard before. Little did I know, would make me the ultimate king of connectedness. 

This world out there, this, does not even compare to the other “team players”. No. is much more. This is a smart, functional way to save internet content to be accessed at a later date. My favorite feature? Collaboration! I mentioned that I enjoy creating apps and games in my spare time. has helped me combine all of my resources, teammates and feedback into one place. There is no pressure to say “look at me!”, and there are no rules. I can Tack what I want, when I want and choose who gets to see it. Just Tack your world. 

I dig it.

Nina, I want your eggplant recipe. Why don’t you Tack it to me?

- Will

Some people are always good for a little surprise. Lesson for this week: don’t pre-judge anyone. There’s a Tacker in all of us.


Nina and The Team

The Thoughtful Tacker

If you have been keeping up with the blog posts, you know by now we thrive operating like a Reese’s. They say there’s “no wrong way to eat a Reese’s”, and the same goes for Tack. There’s no right or wrong way to Tack your world. We have users from all walks of life, using in a way unique to them. This week’s Tacker is a special breed, and the most particular Tacker of them all. I also may or may not want to trade lives with her. Just for the time being. Oh, to be in college again.

Nina thinks I am particular, I just like to think of it as being thoughtful. All of this social media stuff is fun and exciting, but I just don’t have the time or patience to let it rule my life. I’m a college student, studying to be a teacher and while I like to be “in the know” and “on trend”, I only have so much time in my day to cram all of this stuff in. Between student ambassador meetings, 19 credit hours worth of classes this semester and still making it the Klondike Cafe for Thirsty Thursdays, I have to be thoughtful in how I use my time. Did I mention I’m also attending college on a full ride academic scholarship? Boom.

Studying is a chore and a bore but if I want to make it out of these four years looking good on paper, it’s just a way of life. The world has gone digital and there is no turning back now. I remember my older sisters talking about the pages and pages of notes they would take during lecture halls but somewhere in between then and now, nothing is on paper anymore and everything is stuck in the iclouds. I’m downloading lectures onto my iPhone and doing research that doesn’t have to take place in the campus library. WHAT!?

The problem I came across, is where I can organize the digital data that I collect for term research papers or my lesson plans for the student teaching I’m doing this semester. And apparently teaching majors have a group project at least once a month so somehow, I’m trying to juggle that stuff, too. I normally hate working in groups but recently, during a project meeting, one of my group mates pulled out her laptop and opened up all of her contributions to the project on a virtual tackboard that she called Mesmorized by the sleek look and the ease of function, I told her I wanted to know more. It took approximately 60 seconds to sell me on the thing and now? I’m hooked.

What used to be jam packed folders (both virtual and physical) taking up space in my life and stressing me out, has now been moved to my account. I have been using Tack for nearly everything school related. When my professors publish notes and lectures to the class blogs, I copy, paste and then move them to the appropriate folder for future use. Projects and papers have their own boards as well and group projects create stress no more! provides easy collaboration with multiple people of your choosing which means we can all share in what we are doing and there are no more excuses for the slackers. BINGO! Just what I have been looking for. The only regret  have is not discovering this great new site sooner.  Because is also extremely mobile friendly, it travels with me wherever I go! I can pull up my boards on my iPhone, laptop and iPad.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed to Klondike., thank you for taking my stress away. Thus, making more time for Thirsty Thursdays.

Thoughtfully Tacking,

Ummmm…I miss college.

Nina and The Team

The Tidy Tacker

Y’all. My friend Meghan is a “do it yourself” prodigy. Always creating, constantly crafting, and just when you think she has blown it out of the water, she whips up something even more incredible than the last project. “Oh its just something quick that i threw together”. I’m convinced that she discovered the Martha Stewart level of craftiness even before Martha Stewart was Martha Stewart herself.

I'm quite humbled to have just been placed in the same category as Martha Stewart by my friend Nina here, although I hardly think I hold a candle to the mother ship of all craftiness and the DIY, happy homemaking way. What Nina says is true though. There isn't a project that I won't try. It's amazing what a difference a few new pillow covers will do, the pop of a statement wall in a room painted an accent color, or optimizing a small space with a few quick fixes (aka the small little alcove closet turned desk space that I am writing this from. I didn’t become this way my accident, or really even by choice. My mother was the exact same way- I learned from the best. For years, I have kept all of my ideas and inspiration in binders, organized by project type. Instead of holding onto stacks of magazines, I prefer to rip out what I want to save, and organize it accordingly. These binders are at my fingertips, organized to a tee and fun to flip through when I want to get my hands dirty and spend the day in my craft room. Those binders I just told you about? Well, I currently have an entire Row on my bookshelf packed with them. Home renovations, holidays, entertaining, crafts with kids…you get the point. Wile I love flipping through these collections of images, ideas and inspiration, I’m starting to not only run out of room on my shelf, but I am also finding it hard to sift through it all with ease. If someone told me that I would one day convert all of this stuff into a digital, masterpiece, I would have never believed them. Never. I still keep a paper planner, people! This new method of organization that I have adopted is beyond anything I could have ever created myself. Instead of spending hours flipping pages, organizing magazine clippings and filing them away for later viewing, I’m using a digital world of organized chaos, literally at my fingertips. With, I’m able to keep all of my projects and inspiration in one place. It’s organized how I want, when I want, and a convenient search tool allows me to quickly find something I’m looking for. Since I often find myself helping friends with DIY home projects and decorating, I really like the sharing and collaboration features that offers. Collaborating on projects has never been easier., thank you for helping me keep things buttoned up!

DIY love,


I’m all of a sudden feeling the urge to dust off my sewing machine. “See” y’all next week! Cheers, Nina and the Team

The Trendy Tacker

Let’s be honest here- we all love to shop. Retail therapy is good for everyone, so men, I’m not just talking to the women here. Admit it. 

Shopaholics, let’s unite, as I introduce you to my friend Sophie. She’s a no-nonsense, have to have it, “I like my money where I can see it- hanging in my closet” type of gal. She never misses a trend, her outfits never skip a beat and I’m currently working on a petition to make shopping an Olympic Sport, just so Sophie can win a gold medal.

I often told my mum, from a young age, that I was always working on becoming famous for my shopping skills. Growing up in London, I like to think that I had a pretty keen sense of fashion from birth. After my parents moved to the States when I was sixteen, I learned that there was a whole new fashion world yet to be discovered, so I dove right in.

Sure, I’ve had some spending problems, but now that I’m older, I’ve learned to satisfy by champagne taste on a light beer budget. I’m constantly looking for the best deals around, shopping sales and my new obsession- finding designer looks, for less. I’ve become so good at this, in fact, that I started a blog where I share my fashion finds and outfit inspirations for the fashionistas of the world out there to enjoy!

As I shop and hunt around, I’m not always with a group of girlfriends to give me advice and, well, that’s just part of the shopping process. I need my friends to tell me what looks good and the most important question of all “should I buy it!?”. Let me tell you about my little discovery-! This crazy little thing allows me to share images and items with my friends with literally the touch of a button. I can Tack photos of myself in outfits in dressing rooms, or simply the item from the retailer’s website. My friends can immediately pull up my tackboards and let me know what they think. Fantastic? YES! I’m also finding that this is a great way for my blog readers to keep up and communicate with me, give me feedback on outfits, or take a look at some looks I’m loving and Tacking to my tackboards., thank you for solving my shopping problem.

Yours Truly,

Cheers, all you shopping fiends,

Nina and The Team

Jun 5

The Travelling Tacker

Hi, y’all! I hope everyone enjoyed the nice long weekend. Were you inspired by last week’s Tasty Tacker to try cooking something new in your kitchen? That Tasty Tacker? Well, it was ME. I’m the foodie and I’m delighted that I was able to introduce myself in such a way. For the next several weeks, I’d like to introduce you to some of my “friends” that live in this world. One likes to shop, one likes techie type things and another is all about some DIY action. But this week? I’m introducing you to Doug. He’s a globetrotting traveller tacking his world, one trip at a time…

Do you like to pack your bags, hop on a plane and explore something new? Our world is a much larger canvas than we think and travelling is a means for me to paint my mark as I go. In my early twenties, I took a three week trip to Peru that lasted a year. There was so much to explore and discover and I wasn’t ready for “normal life” yet.

Peru was just the start. Since my self discovery adventure, I have since backpacked through Europe, kicked it George of the Jungle style in the Amazon and made friends in Africa. My love of travel fuels my love for life. At any chance that I get, I’m making plans to explore a new corner of the world. What I struggle with though is a consistent way to plan and keep all of my resources in one spot. I do most of my planning via the interwebs and my virtual folders are literally bursting at the seams with links upon links upon links. I’m starting to lose my mind and I’m not quite sure which link belongs to which trip and which bookmark is the one that I need.

On a recent trip to Sonoma, I received an e-mail from a friend who had been sipping their way through wine country the month prior. She “tacked” me a restaurant recommendation and some information on a winery and unique boutiques. What was this? I clicked the link only to be taken to a sleek, organized space where all of these recommendations…er…Tacks were displayed with so much ease and beauty. Here I was, among the grapevines in Sonoma, and I created a account right on the spot. This thing is genius! I gathered a few more recommendations from my friends and organized them on my Tackboards and the rest of my trip was a breeze- all while using on my iPhone. I also earned major organization points with my wife. Happy wife equals happy life, right!?

When I arrived home, I was ready to plan my next trip! I went to my favorite coffee shop with my laptop and started Tacking away. The user experience is seamless and collaborating with my family via shared Tackboards is enjoyable and efficient. I will never plan a trip any other way. I’m planning my world travels, one tack at a time.

Happy Travelling,


Stay tuned for next week’s Tacker. She’ll make you want to re-vamp your entire wardrobe.


Nina and The team

The Tasty Tacker

Do you have a love affair of all things related to food?  For me, it’s a way of life and kitchen time is my daily therapy. I even have a little slice of the internet that I blog on. About food. And recipes. And eating. Shocker, I know.

My fairly extensive repertoire of favorites are my no-fail culinary masterpieces, but I know others that blog and share too, so I’m constantly saving recipes that I want to try. I also spend time cooking and reviewing recipes and often times, it’s hard to keep track of what I have and haven’t made! I recently started to struggle with having an easy way saving these recipes I find.  As I scour the web, I want to straight up lick my computer screen but how can I keep track of the recipes that have been a big win? Or a giant fail? I may be a messy cook, but I like my life neat and orderly.  Not having a means to catalog my net recipes in creates chaos in my mind and ultimately, my kitchen.

So, I was going along my merry business, bustling about in the kitchen, when my friend sent me a recipe via What is this new site and why are you sending things by way of it? Intrigued and not wanting to feel left out of another “cool new thing”,  I opened up the e-mail and created an account. There, before my eyes, was the most beautiful space I had ever seen! Tackboards that I could create and arrange in a private, unique space. And the best part? I now have an easy way to organize all those recipes into categories and on opposite ends of the screen. “Things I have made” and “things I want to make”. #Winning.

Tack travels with me as I scour the food blogs of the interwebs, allowing me to organize it however I want. It’s also super mobile friendly, making grocery trips less painful and more efficient. I’m not forced to flash my boards to the entire world, but I am free to share it with whoever I choose. This efficient new way of organizing my recipes makes me want to spend more time collecting and organizing. Recipe hoarder anyone?!

Thank you,  Problem solved.


Nina & The Team

Are You a Typical Tacker?

Why Tack? All the cool kids are doing it, and we think you should be too! Nowhere on the web will you find such a unique space to Tack Your World and to do it in a manner that best suits you. Our focus is keeping your space personal, while giving you the ability to share with only those that you choose.

We all spend hours consuming information from our computers, phones and tablets, both from the Internet and from the world around us. You see something and want to save it, but the ease of doing so isn’t quite at your fingertips. Yes, there are various methods, but none quite as efficient and connected as what we’ve created for you.

Do you like to unwind at the end of a long day in the kitchen cooking up something delicious for the ones that you love? Use to organize all of the recipes you want to make, and also have a special place to archive the recipes you did make and want to remember because your belly was that happy.

Are you into retail therapy, but prefer to do so in the comfort of your own home? is your virtual “shopping cart” to keep track of all of those purchases that may, or may not be, in your near future. Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Right?

Does travelling to new places make your heart go pitter patter? Plan upcoming trips, or dream about far away destinations, all with!  You can even collaborate with your friends or family to help make that special vacation a reality.

Over the next several weeks, we’re going to introduce to you the Typical Tacker inside all of us. Foodies, shoppers, travellers and more. There’s a slice of for everyone to enjoy!

Wishing you all a spec-TACK-ular adventure!

Nina & The Team

We’re Here!

We dropped the ‘y’ but that’s okay, we’re ready for you to Tack away!

Hello world! You may remember us as the cool, hip, new-kid-on-the-internet that hosted the 25 Tacky Days Sweepstakes on Facebook this past December. We gave away daily cash and a couple of Amazon Kindle Fires! Were you one of our lucky winners?

Just a few shorts months ago, we were known as We’ve been working around the clock to tweak and perfect the tacking experience for users like YOU! Our sleek, new product needed a shiny new name to match. Dropping the “y” did just that, and provides us with a name that has a bit more sophistication. provides a better browsing experience through what we call an overlay. What is an overlay? An overlay is essentially a browser plugin, that is available to you as you navigate your way through the Internet. never leaves your side, giving you the ability to “Tack your world”. Quickly and easily capture anything you see to either save for later or share with a friend. Tack articles, save images, remember important websites and organize all of your digital content into one uniquely personal space.

We are currently operating in private beta. If you would like to check it out, simply visit to request an invite.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months for more updates from the team. You can follow us on Twitter (@tackyourworld) and on Facebook.



May 8

Day 1


Often I ask the question why.  The longer I live, the more the whys of life intrigue me.  One would think that as the decades of my life have passed, the “why” would diminish to allow for the known to overtake it.  The more I see, the more that I wonder.  The more I know, the more that I desire to know.  The more I explore, the more exploration needs to be done.

When I see the new, the game changers, the platform shaker uppers, I often ask why?  Why is this thing here now, and not before?  Why do others and I need it?  Why did it take so long to notice it?  My life is now presented with new and different possibilities.

It would seem that if we knew the “why” of it, the focus would come to bear.  Within this life when I get it, I incorporate it as mine.  When the why is internalized, the use becomes a part of my life as if it had always existed within my sphere, my orb and my part.

All this to say, I don’t often let new things in because, often, I don’t understand them.  I reject much that is provided in the realm of technology because the “why” of it is not fleshed out.  Often it seems like a passing fad, a moment in the proverbial universal clock.

Yet, some things stick…and they stick hard, like those little annoying labels on the stuff we buy…tenacious and never relenting, they stick to everything and everyone.  As another example, my cell phone, which never leaves my side.  It has this same sense of stickiness that you’ll find existing everywhere in the world.  Email is similar as well, as it is communicative and immediate.  I find it impossible to consider going a few hours without viewing what may have transpired since I last checked.  These are a couple examples of how the stuff of tech clings to us, just as we do to it.

When new tech comes our way, it must then have a stickiness that enhances the “why” of our lives.  Ask yourself, why does this make me a better me?  Why do others have more access to me as a result and me to them?  Why is my life easier and more alive with possibilities?  Why am I to incorporate these enhancements into my life?

Why Tack?

I can tack an item to my life, my friends, my co-workers and myself.  I asked myself, “why do I need this?”  Then the floodgates of my mind opened, and the possibilities exploded into my life.  I said, finally, an OS that allows me to be me.  Yes!  I can keep my life in an order that suites me and that I understand.  I like it! I tack it! I save it! I send it! I share it!  No longer am I encumbered by myriads of meaningless code, made by some nerd to enhance the sales of a product that is feature rich, but unusable without an advanced degree.  Nope, all I need is my mind and my world and my ways and this little tack… then I can find it, save it and share it!

Now I can communicate in time and space.  Best of all, I’ve done this all my life.  I have taped, and tacked and piled the important stuff of my life, throughout my life, in a secret code known only to me and a few others on my desk, on the fridge, in the garage, and on my dash.  It is naturally within me, since the cavemen did it, Disney did it, and even Einstein did it.

A tack to remember.  A tack to save.  A tack to share.  Simple as it may seem, a revolution awaits as we understand the simple and elegant ways of “why”.  No code to learn, no lessons to attend, no rearranging of every neuron and synapse in your mind.  Nope!  Simple and elegant, done in a way you think and have always thought.

I need it.  You need it.  We need it.  Tack it to me, ok?  And I’ll tack something back.

May 1